Making Biodiesel with a Commercial Kit - Pop Mech

An article from Popular Mechanics, dated back to 2009. If you are new to home-grown diesel production, know first that the quality of the fuel depends largely on you – are your research beforehand. Not all systems are the same. Some require additives that others don’t. All require that you follow the designer’s procedures. There are also the dnagers associated with storing and processing flammables in the presence of electrical equipment.

One other thing. You might end up violating the law, in that your local authorities may require your fuel to have road taxes (among others) paid…. and making this stuff at home doesn’t account for that.

All that said, this article is actually quite useful. Give it a read. When you are done, check out the biodiesel tagged posts at Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forum.  You may also want to take a peek at the processing units sold by Ready Made Resources.

A couple other resources..

Diesel Secret Energy

Backwoods Home Magazine article


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