Medical Chlorhexidine Gluconate and H7N9


Not as fearful a word as it was prior to the last one which, while hogging the news feeds for some time, really didn’t kill much of the world’s population. 371 people have died from H5N1 since 2003.

But that might change.

H7N9 has taken the path that most new bugs do, which is to say, it has become all the rage in certain medical circles. According to POTRblog, there are federal motions that are a step out of line with the usual preparations for a new Flu, bug or pandemic initiating organism. You might even go so far as to say that the Feds have adopted a prepper mentality towards stocking for bad times. Imagine that. After so many other prepping balls have been dropped, they now decide to focus on this new H7N9.

Beginning with a post from April 26, Pissn’ On The Roses (POTR) announced that Congress is funding what amounts to a “Worker’s Comp” bankroll designed to compensate people for injuries sustained via injections of a harmful vaccine. The $100M Flu Tax is the mechanism, and was reported on the 25th.

According to POTR:

“Given the current drum beat hysteria about the H7N9 bird flu, we suspect it is likely that the Federal government believes it will at some point declare a public health emergency and will likely force a known, flawed, dangerous FLU vaccine on the civilian herd in a decision with will be rationalized as the “lesser of evils”.

This type of planning is very similar to the recent massive governmental orders for potassium iodide pills as perpetration for further nuclear failures at Fukushima. It is also smacks the same type of planning shown by the insanely massive orders for hollow point ammunition order by the Government.”

The balance of the fund is $3.5B. In all its 25 years of existence, it has only paid out $2.5B. What they are looking at hauling in is a 25 year supply of pay outs. Seems rather extreme unless there is something the CDC is afraid of, OR, they just want another slush fund to raid for this or that project, balance sheet or perk.

H7N9 Notes

  • It is a “bird flu”, Influenza sub-type. It has mutations that allow for easier bird-to-human transmission.
  • The mortality rate in China is 23% as of May 7. It is found in Shanghai, Beijing, and bordering provinces north and south.
  • Live birds appear to be a major vector, bit huge numbers of targeted birds show no sign of the virus.
  • The virus does not sicken the chickens it has inhabited.


“One map supplied to Nature by the researchers shows, they note, that eastern China — the epicentre of the current H7N9 outbreaks — is one of the world’s busiest hubs for airline traffic. “A quarter of the global population outside of China lives within two hours of an airport with a direct flight from the outbreak regions, and 70% if a single connecting flight is included,” the researchers explain.”

The last two weeks have seen a decrease in reported cases. But this was also the case with the 2009 oubreak of H1N1, where the virus weakened in the Summer, only to return again in the Winter.

Malik Peiris, chief of micorbiology the University of Hong Kong says:

“So it will smoulder on and it will resurface again in the winter. Now that is probably better than the thing continuing in full force because at least it will give people some time to prepare. But I really would doubt that it will completely disappear.”

Gaurdian UK says this is a new bug to our species.

“The virus has not been in the human population before. Unlike swine flu, it is affecting small children and the elderly alike, so the oldest generation does not have any inherited immunity to it.”

A lot of us had the H1N1 hit back in the 70s when it rode across America. I caught two strains of it, and was out of it for 3 weeks. I assume immunity to it today. But this new bug has no immunological barrier to it from prior infections. We know about it, but our bodies don’t.

In case your are interested, HERE is the CDC page on the bug.

So, on the April 28 post by POTR, the site claims there could be a run on Chlorhexidine Gluconate. CHG is said to form a barrier to virus and bacterial intrusion via our skin. An “invisible glove” they say.

“As such, we have identified Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) as the most unobtrusive and cost effective bird flu risk mitigation item to purchase before the pandemic panic begins. CHG has been around for nearly 60 years and is used as a surgical scrub, and infection control agent. It is also used in some dental rinses / mouth washes.

CHG is strongly attracted to the skin and mucous membranes. In essence, CHG forms an invisible glove that kills encapsulated viruses and a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi. It once required a prescription, but now is available over the counter. Outside of the medical industry, it is used by police and other first responders as a line of defense against picking up infections on the job.”

POTR’s concern is that the limited supply of CHG will be depleted if a panic run on the stuff is created. Like Iosate tables and iodine-based water purification crystals, the rush to buy something will reduce its availability and inflate its cost. It might be worth getting some now. After all, it has other uses.

There are also mouthwashes with CHG in them. I’m not sure if they will help protect the linings of the mouth, but I’m sure some people could us a good wash. 😉


On May 2, POTR issued an ALERT. “Maximum Alert! US Gov Solicits $.6 BILLION Dollar Human Bird Flu Emergency Countermeasure Trials

This really is an article you need to read.

“The US Government has an open $.6 BILLION solicitation to combat Bird Flu using Human trials of emergency experimental FLU vaccines (alarmingly with Adjuvants) and rapid (24 hour advanced notice) Human trials of emergency experimental post infection anti viral agents. see Solicitation Number: RFP-13-100-SOL-00008

Placing this solicitation in context with Congress’ massive overfunding of the Vaccine Injury Trust Fund and the Secretary of Health’s authorization of emergency use of in vitro diagnostics for detection of the avian influenza A (H7N9), , and it is abundantly clear that the Federal Government is preparing for the type of Global Pandemic infectious disease scenario only seen in books and movies.”


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