Persistent Drones

What if a drone had the ability to go “into the wild”, and stay there for years? Imagine a autonomous drone that could gather power on its own, and continue its mission without resupply for very long periods of time.

An article I read this morning shows that this is not only possible, but probable, if not already in place. The same technology that allows you to charge your iPod by placing in on an innocuous mat, or recharge your cordless toothbrush by setting it on is stand, will also power drones that alight next to a power line. Using GPS and simple shape recognition, drones can now source their power, or better yet, hunt and eat, on their own.

From Global Guerrillas.

This poses a real threat to Home and Retreat Security. With unlimited refueling available, it would only take a pair of these things to really put the intel hurt on any small site targeted by intruders. With enough tech knowhow, a criminal element could build a drone of this type.

  • 8 Rotors, for motor failure recovery, to assist in staying in action with 2 rotors damaged
  • Induction refueling
  • Wide and narrow angle /zoomable cameras
  • Directional listening device
  • Cellular service intercept and jamming
  • Thermal imaging
  • Wi-Fi sniffers
  • Detachable /deployable payload packages that can be left on site, and retrieved later, also re-visitable for refueling of that package for extended duration deployment

The key to extended functionality and payload isn’t necessarily motor power – it is fuel cell life. Induction refueling makes this much less of a problem. A mission payload can be dropped anywhere. It has its own battery setup. The drone returns to it as needed to refuel it, while in between runs to the deployed package it makes its own pit stops and carries on other missions.

The future of warfare, surveillance and criminal activity will be the drone. And its future will rely heavily on concealable communications channels.

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