The Rifleman - The Anvil Chorus

My dear wife and I have been enjoying some TV shows that a certain station plays. Emergency, Wild Wild Wild West, George and Gracie among them. One of the shows is “The Rifleman”, starring Chuck Connors. Some of the “son” and “pa” stuff can get sappy via the acting, but the good examples set by it are timeless.

Anyway, last night’s episode was “The Anvil Chorus”. Once it got rolling, and I saw where it was headed, I just laughed my head off. Put simply, a deputized fill-in sheriff decides to disarm everyone coming into town. He wouldn’t give them their guns back until the left. Of course, the setup is that three bad guys decide to take advantage of the obvious “gun free zone”. All is put well when the good guys manage to get their guns and save the day. Come to think of it, the episode before that teaches that guns don’t kill, people do. (An accident take the life of a boy, and the “evil rifle” takes the focus of the show.)

Two episodes back to back espousing the goodness of being armed and ready to take care of yourself – in the absence of the sheriff, who was gone both times. Right on time and right on target, huh?

Here is “The Anvil Chorus”. I recommend that people on both sides of the gun argument watch it.

Oh, and the other one. “Gun Shy”

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