What Interests You About RVs?

312110 airstream in desert

I’m noticing a lot of traffic regarding RVs lately.  The topic of bug-out RVs is potentially a huge area of discovery due to the types available and their application. There are some very large units suitable for off road travel, and smaller boxes that I wouldn’t take off a curb.

So, is there something in particular that any of you would like to see here? If so, comment away!

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  • I have an interest in several types. The four wheel drive/All Wheel Drive off-road exploration vehicle based on a large truck, A slightly smaller, and only slightly less capable off-road unit based on a 4500/5500 series four wheel drive truck, a tightly packed expedition utility trailer, a custom built or modified travel trailer set up for long term off-grid living rather than packing as many sleeping positions in one as possible, a motorhome companion trailer for carrying extra consumables and equipment. And a refurbished/customized 1976 26′ GMC motorhome. (Love those things, especially the ’76 models!)

    Just my thoughts on the subject.


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