COMMs, the Social Network for Preppers

Here at ASP, we’ve been toying with the idea, and the implementation, of a Social Networking alternative to the generally public “all in” blab sites out there. Some of what we have been addressing has been usability across desktop, tablet and smart phone platforms, layout, privacy and general standards and use policies. The end result of that work is COMMs, our Prepper Communications site.

Right off the bat, I specifically want to say that personal attacks, profanity and discussions on how to perform illegal acts, construct illegal items and other means of instructing or encouraging illegal ANYTHING are forbidden. There is FaceBook for that garbage. This site won’t be sued or shut down for those things. The developers that have assisted us, and our early testers on the practice sites didn’t go through the work to have it broken up. So, be civil!

If you want to go hog wild with prepping and homesteading topics, have at it! It’s not that we’re limited to just those topics, but that is the general focus of this network. A safe place to discuss items of interest to our community…

While we are evolving, you are welcome to tell us where we got it right, and what doesn’t work. It’s going to take a few months to get things where we want them, but during that time, we need people using COMMs. Eventually we will have some pretty advanced features that will be reminiscent of FaceBook. Additionally, COMMs will be expanded to include a full-fledged Community Bulletin Board system, with a variety of topical sections.

Our hope is to build a community of helpful people with varying viewpoints that become comfortable with sharing and telling their stories, and happy to share skills and knowledge. We wish to be ban-free and free thinking. Like any group, the success of that effort depends on members keeping the best interests of each other in mind. Let’s do it!

COMMs, the Preppers’ Social Network

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