Agave Nectar - Good for You??

A pal of mine sent me a short note on agave nectar. I shared the info with my wife, who is responsible for researching nutritional issues for the family. She says her research confirms this. Here is what he wrote.

“Agave nectar (also called agave syrup) is a sweetener commercially produced from several species of agave. Agave nectar is sweeter than honey and tends to be thinner and flow more freely than honey.

The Agave juice is filtered, then heated to separate the complex components (the polysaccharides) into simple sugars. The main polysaccharide is called inulin or fructosan and is mostly fructose.

High fructose corn syrups (which is defiantly not good for you) are classified according to the fructose content (i.e. 42%, 55%, 90%). For the use in most soft drinks, the 55% fructose is required.

In case you thought agave syrup is some type of health food, it is not.”

So, I have a small bottle that I think will be re-purposed. Our switch to sugar-in-the-raw and other natural and organic non-processed sugars (honey, too) is part of our plan for healthier living.

3 comments to Agave Nectar – Good for You??

  • nicki Schneider

    Xylitol has so many benefits, that I tend to use it where ever I can. It really gives a boost to the oral cavity as harmful bacteria cannot utilize it. It is great as a mouthwash as well as a rinse for the nasal cavity. It also kills Candida yeast in the gut. Can be used in cooking, but not as much in baking because of the yeast-killing properties.

  • german reader

    Sugar is not much better than HFCS. This has to do with the molecular structur of sugar.

    A sugar molecule is a combination of one fructose and one glucose molecule. The binding of which gets split as soon as it gets into contact with amylase (that is spit) rendering it for all practical purposes in fact into 50% HFCS.

    For sweetener I’d recommend honey or stevia

  • Curious about the home processing of it, and the storage life once processed. Any information?


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