4" Spy Drone

From news.sky.com

“They are the first to use the state-of-the-art handheld tiny surveillance helicopters, which relay reliable full motion video and still images back to the devices’ handlers in the battlefield.

The Black Hornet Nano Unmanned Air Vehicle is the size of a child’s toy, measuring just 10cm (4 ins) by 2.5cm (1 inch), and is equipped with a tiny camera.”

From SkyNews comes an article describing the deployment of a small camera equipped drone with live video capability. Its use is obvious – to give war fighters an advanced look into a deadly theater of engagement. It is the next logical step in battlefield intelligence gathering. The ability to gather information about the enemy – before engaging him – is such a force multiplier, it can not be ignored.

The military has made use of small drones before. Some are fly-and-spy, such as the little flying wing that rockets over the enemy’s position, with the operator having some hope of getting usable imagery – but not much. The “Swtichblade” miniature killer drone promises to be a useful tool in many environments, but requires a launch area and is big enough to be spotted (before it zeros in and blows the target to bits) . The “Black Hornet Nano Unmanned Air Vehicle” is small and relatively unnoticeable. Because it is a copter, it can hover, and slowly peek into room, over walls and around corners. It can advance and retreat, and since a hovering object doesn’t alert the eye as readily as a moving object, it stands a better chance of fulfilling its mission.

“Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems are a key component in our 10-year equipment plan and now that we have balanced the defence budget we are able to confidently invest in these kinds of cutting-edge technologies.”

I don’t believe these will cost as much as estimates say. In fact, I can see these being built from modified consumer kits, with mainly off-the-shelf parts. They won’t be 4″ long, but perhaps something around 10″, with judicial weight trimming or wholesale frame and battery replacements.

policedroneOn a side note, I saw this picture today, on a FaceBook post. This little beast appears to be quite compact, and I’d say it measure about 20″ in length, give or take 5″. This is likely to become more common even than K-9 “officers”. I can see each SWAT and HRT group using at least one of these. News reports are circulating that some of them may be armed with less-than-lethal munitions, and of course, down the road, “controlled” lethal weapons.

All of these provide mountains of evidence that technology is within the reach of the average citizen, and the average criminal looking to prey upon the citizenry. If one feels the need to defend against these machines, he needs to research the capabilities and work out a way to secure his person and property. Study well! To start, do an internet search for “police drones”. Grab some coffee and sit back and read in good health.

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