The Real Direction of Drones Overhead

Higher and higher, smarter and smarter and with better eyes than any eagle could ever evolve. I’ve been talking about drones for private use for a while now. Well, here is some information about government drones and your privacy. Keep in mind while looking at this information, that the technology discussed is already in use, with the distinct possibility of having already been replaced with superior equipment. The advancement of technology knows no end point.

Here are some links I quickly located after watching “Rise of the Drones” on PBS tonight. If you can get hold of a copy of the whole thing, get it. Watch for replays in your local broadcast market. The title is most certainly a play on one of the Terminator movies – “Rise of the Machines”. If you’ve seen the movies, there is no way you can watch this NOVA production and not think about “Skynet”.

What I found interesting during the show was the description of Argus’ capabilities. With a mosaic of 368 cell-phone type cameras, Argus can “see” 65 square miles or so of earth surface, and record it in high resolution video. Over 1,000,000 terabytes of info per day. Sharp enough to clearly catch a pigeon flying over a building and parking lot. Motion detection and tracking creates a motion picture with colored squares creating borders that follow subjects much like on Person of Interest. The stated goal is to cover and record everything, 24 /7.



Zero privacy. If it can be seen from above by someone with binoculars looking down, it will be seen and recorded. Don’t for a moment believe that just because it shouldn’t be done, that it won’t. The thought should be, if it can be done, it will be done. This goes for all electronic communications, too, by the way. Facebook. Twitter. E-mail. Skype. Phone calls.

“How about carrier pigeons?” No, Argus can track pigeons, too. If you have something you want kept out of official view – something private like your life – you better start thinking about how to do it. Our public servants have long said that “you have no reasonable expectation of privacy” while in public. Therefore, their logic allows them to go beyond simple observation with human eyes and into the far reaches of technology. If binoculars are good, then why not remote cameras? And if cameras on light poles, why not hidden cameras on building? And if remotely hidden cameras, why not drones slated for specific missions? And if drones of any type, why not full-time, all-seeing, ever present platforms with aloft times measured not in hours or days, but months? Why shouldn’t the expectation of observation be taken to its extreme in the name of…. of… ???

Security? Peace and safety? I don’t know about you, but I can’t see how we made it this far without God’s Surrogates looking down on us. But maybe that’s really the meat of it. Some do view themselves as His replacement, or even His superior. And they do look down on us. Now, they want to do it all day and all night whether you like, know or approve of it or not.

I can see a whole lot of back yard covers being built, and lots of trees being planted where overhead eyes are not welcome.


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  • Just like most technology that has positive applications, this is another that will be seriously abused by those that think they should be in charge of how people live their lives, day in day out, including peoples back yards. And soon enough, in their very houses when the technology, if it isn’t already available, to see through roofs with the same degree of clarity.

    Just my opinion.


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