New Site Feature – SurvivalSpot! Networking

Here at A Survival Plan, we have been toying around with a few things of late. You may have noticed a click-able link to the right – one that goes NOWHERE. You might have noticed a Forum link in the menu that goes to an unpopulated and unused forum. You may have asked, “Whattatheydoin?”

If you’re really on your game, you would also have noticed the SurvivalSpot! page that also inhabits the menu.

All of these strange happenings are part of an effort to create an alternative to the major social networking sites, to help separate ourselves from the masses of uninterested people, and from networking sites that may or may not be causing trouble for our brothers and sisters. At this point, our focus is on SurvivalSpot!,  which hopefully can serve as our very own social networking site. It isn’t connected to any other service.

Here is a quick link to the main page. On our little site you will find some features that you recognize if you are a FaceBook user. Activity streams, friends and friends requests, comments and uploads. You may have a profile pic, a bio, and you may search the directory for new friends.

Consider this your invitation to join the newest community in the prepping world. Sign up! Log in! Help us test this puppy and see about making it work for us and our needs. Spread the word! The worst we could do is crash it, right?

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