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Jim Rawles is a promoter of what he calls The American Redoubt. This is a geographic region of the US where people seem to be relocating in order to find safety for a common set of beliefs, politics and practices. I had given some thought to such an idea years ago, but it seems to soon for such tribal gatherings. Over time, people in my circles expressed interest in such a thing. When he posited this a while back, I became interested again.

At, he lists his thoughts on how to do it, why to do it, and where to do it. Eastern Washington and Oregon, Idaho and Montana make up the where. His pre and post move checklists shed a lot of light on the how and why. If you are looking to relocate to a self-reliant location, and take up homesteading, it’s quite possible that you’ll find some inspiration from this page.

From Jim’s site:

“Giordano Bruno identified a trend that has been developing informally for many years: A conscious retrenchment into safe haven states. I strongly recommend this amalgamation, and that it be formalized. I suggest calling it The American Redoubt. I further recommend Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, eastern Oregon, and eastern Washington for the réduit. Some might call it a conglomeration, but I like to call it an amalgamation, since that evokes silver. And it will be a Biblically-sound and Constitutionally-sound silver local currency that will give it unity.”

Some of the information appears to be dated, and events have passed it by. But a lifestyle isn’t something that avoids change. It adapts. Nothing that has transpired has negated what he and many thousands are doing. It’s worth consideration….


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