Blueberry Pruning

Every Prepper worth his salt loves blueberries, and has at least 85 plants in his “garden”, right?

Well, perhaps not, but we do have several plants in 15 gallon containers here at The Keep. Pruning them has been much of a mystery to me. Read a couple articles, a book and spoke with the owner of a nursery. Nothing beats an educated demonstration, though. I found a lot of YouTube vids on the subject. It seems that there are a few important operations. Things like cutting old wood back to new, ridding the bush of cross canes and selecting the proper bud for future growth and shape. I read about these, but seeing close ups of the selection process was fantastic. Here are three videos I thought were helpful.

You’ll have to copy paste these links as I can’t get my tablet to do a proper link for you. Sorry about that.


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