A Chunnel - and not the English Channel Version

Chickens like to get around. They can be confined for a while but, given their choice, they will opt to get out and stretch their legs. While a farm or a large covered aviary might provide this space for them, backyard chicken keepers are usually limited to a small run for hen happiness.

ZucchiniMom at Suburban Homesteading was pleased to receive a rather original present from her hubby. He built her a Chicken Tunnel, or “Chunnel”, that extended the range of there birds to a point far away from the short run attached to the coop. It is made from fencing wire formed into a quarter tube, and fastened to their back fence. It is quite intriguing. While studying it, I thought that it might be nice to include another “run” enclosure at the far end. Nothing large. Just a box enclosure for relaxation away from the usual place. I might also make the Chunnel a bit taller and wider to keep common cats from reaching too far inside.

One of the unexpected benefits of this arrangement was particularly helpful for suburban preppers. It would seem that the birds have a taste for grasses growing along fences. Her problem with weeds has gone away since the birds took command. The Chunnel keeps them where the problems exists and, well, those problems are now gone. If a Chunnel was built in a half-round, with a frame (and in sections), it could be moved around to areas where green control is needed. Similar to a chicken tractor. Enterprising builders might even build a planter box over the Chunnel, and reclaim the space for double duty.

Here is a link to her article.

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