Facebook Profiles and Security

Made a new friend on FB in the last few days, who has expressed to me issues regarding privacy and security.

My dear wife is an “expert” on FB security. She does the research and tunes her accounts well.  I follow suit, mostly, and have things fairly well locked-down for my private page, but wide open for the public page.

What I will suggest for people with privacy concerns are these: Either learn to lock it down to your satisfaction, and or dump Facebook altogether.

The privacy and security settings are spread throughout a few pages in your account information. Do yourself a favor and go through ALL OF THEM. Leave no electronic stone unturned. Check everything, systematically, and in order – so that nothing is missed. When in doubt, lock it down, deny access, shut it off. If you must play games, well, then you are open to all manner of things. In my opinion, there are no apps that are worth the security risk. Yes – RISK. Apps open your account up in ways that can’t be seen, and set the stage for a sharing of your personal info with the apps you use,  and apps you don’t use. My app settings are OFF. Once again, go through ALL OF THEM. It takes about 15 minutes if you haven’t done it – perhaps a bit longer if the options don’t make sense to you. But please do it. There is nothing on FB so valuable that you absolutely have to have it.

If you find that things are happening that don’t make sense, or a credible news report opens your eyes to something that is a threat to YOU (forget what others say in trying to keep you “reasonable” and online…), dump it. I’m close to doing so myself for one reason. Facebook does share information without my knowledge, and I have no control over how they do that today, or how they might alter and /or expand it next week. In order to discover this, and to catch it, I have to ride herd over the settings, and listen to the news reports my dear wife reads to me. I like the contact, but do I really need Facebook for that? E-mail works well, too, and people can establish private networks via broadcast mail to those they care about.

Did you know you can have your own Facebook? This very blog you are reading has the capability to be locked-down stone cold  private, requiring passwords to access. It can have as many private users as I choose. You could build your own WordPress site, pay under $100 per year, and host your own version of Facebook. Do you really need to stay online and in touch daily? If you do, build your own. OWN the rights. Deny privacy hacks and issues. Create a secure and private community, open only to those invited, and completely under your control. And you can get rid of “Timeline”, too!

Hmmm… the gears are turning, and the ideas are coming.  How’s the noise in your head right now? Do you want to be the social networking guru in your circle of family and friends?

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