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An ingenious individual has added one more great piece to the world of iPhone Apps –  Prep and Pantry.  Prep and Pantry is an iPhone and iPad based inventory system for all your food stocks, but can also be used for any other item. We have been playing with it here at The Keep, and have found it to be very useful. Other applications are out there, but this one has them beat in a few ways.

The biggest, for me, is the bar code scanning feature. While there are different ways to go about scanning with your IOS device’s camera, the method used by Prep and Pantry works the best for us. The image capture is fast, and better yet, the database look up is fast as well! After reading the bar code, the application looks up the item’s information from a huge database of products. The speed at which the app returns the info has been the fastest I’ve seen. What does that mean for the prepper? It means that the initial inputting of information into your own App – which is basically a complete inventory process – goes much more quickly and smoothly.

By having an accurate and timely inventory available, combined with expiration dates (that you get to set) and a shopping cart feature, you can keep a handle on your budget. Good budgeting is a part of good planning!

There is a lot to be said about Prep and Pantry.  You will find a complete review here on A Survival Plan soon. Oh, and for you Droid users out there, there is rumor that it will be coming to your platform, too.

Check back!

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