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I’m sure all of you have noticed the picture of grizzled ole Jerry Young to the right of this page. Among the adds that adorn that section, his likeness stands apart and anchors a link to his own home on the web. Just about everything he’s written is available there, and most of that for free.

I point people to Jerry’s works when I discover that they are new to prepping, need pointers and appreciate literature. While the short road to prepping efficiency is generally through tutoring and counsel, (to be found on forums as well), for those that like to read – Jerry’s writings combine them all. A person can sit back with something good to eat, relax and watch the movie unfold in their imagination while reading along.

I first came to know of his PAW fiction over at the defunct Survival Forum (R.I.P.).  Reading his works, some short, some long, some very long, I saw a common thread throughout. A bit of the man himself is in his writings. In some ways, he told on himself like Tired Old Man does in his stories. My own thoughts and preps took a few turns while enjoying the varied works. (I heartily recommend “Scavenger“. It should be a movie…) I saw how some things could be done differently, more efficiently. After some time I wrote him, to ask a few questions. We corresponded and eventually met.

That was some number of years ago. Over that time, I’ve come to know him fairly well. He is as honest and humble as you might expect. He loves to share, and appreciates people for who they are in word and action. Jerry is the real thing. I am glad to call him my friend.

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