Does Tying Knots Leave YOU in Knots?

I think everyone can make simple knots, sometimes when not trying! But can most people tackle the harder and more useful knots learned by Boy Scouts, military personnel and our grandparents?

I recently came across an App for iOS (iPhone, iPad) called What Knot, as in, What Knot To Do in the Great Outdoors – by the Columbia Sportswear Co.

Screen Shot from What Not, via iTunes

This App presents 70 different knots by category, and shows how to create each of them with step-by-step instructions. Going through the instructions is easy. You may select the knots you desire by category (if you know what you want to do, but not how) or by name (if you just need to get to one you know about).  It even includes the ability to place certain knots into a “favorites” list for instant recall.

There is a pictorial of the various parts of rope and shape, and a glossary. These aid in reading the instructions. You can take the App very simply and use it as a tool, or you can go through it as an instructional text book. It serves ably in both manners, without sacrificing the utility of either.

What Knot to do in the Great Outdoors references The Ashley Book of Knots, 1946, which contained over 3,900 knots.  This round-up includes bindings, bends, hitches, and loops. I recommend it for anyone looking to get started in knot tying, or for old pros looking for a refresher. OH, and yes, it is FREE.


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