Are You a Good Enough BOV Driver?

No. You are not.

Does that hit hard enough? I setup this post that way to get you in the mood to read the following.

I was leaving a work site today. At one end of the parking lot I happened across a Prius at a stop sign. I expected the driver to make the required left turn onto the exit road leading to the boulevard. I thought there really was no other way for the car to go.

I was wrong….

The driver decided she didn’t want to go left. She wanted to back up and take another way out. She shifted into reverse and hit the gas. There was no time for me to gO into reverse and back away. I had a horn and I stood on it. She continued accelerating and hit my front bumper.

There was no real damage to me, but her import now has bumper damage.

I had no recourse. I could have had some if I was further back, and had a shifter that moves quickly. I coulda done this, I coulda done that, but I did the other.

I’m a good driver most of the time, and an excellent driver other times. My background includes a whole lot of drag racing, street racing and a couple years of road racing in the canyons above L.A.. I’ve raced a variety of cars and a couple trucks. I can handle a bike and four-wheel drive vehicles. Any sort of prepped BOV will serve me well.

It’s the guy (or old lady) with no clue that will interrupt your plans. Sometimes the result is a simple delay, and a slightly raised heart rate. Other times, it’s a damaged or disabled vehicle. The unforeseen can take your plans and chew them up.

This is why we preppers have backup plans. Mine include the BOB, my cell phone and all the supplies and contacts they provide. In a bug out, we have an extra vehicle that goes with us. Both carry a good amount of supplies. We can git either way and while we may lose a bit leaving one behind, we will get to our destination. If we lose both, we have our feet, supplies and a few potential options that include the assistance of others among them.

You see, it doesn’t matter how good your skills are when a potentially life changing event occurs. What matters is where your head is, and how you have PLANNED ahead of time to deal with crushing blows. A lot of planning focusses on specific events and scenarios. Some of the best plans, though, are broad and non-specific. Four flat tires? Broken transmission? Dropped drive shaft? How about simply “loss of truck”?

How good are you? Well, how flexible is your Plan? That will tell me now good you are…..

1 comment to Are You a Good Enough BOV Driver?

  • Not the world’s greatest driver, but I do drive with other drivers in mind. I’m a defensive driver. I almost never have less than half a vehicle distance between my vehicle and the vehicle in front of me at stops and often more so I can have some room to do something. (Probably wouldn’t have helped in this case as usually the guy behind me is right on my bumper.)

    I watch and expect people to not follow the rules of the road, turn lanes, and red lights/stop signs.I can’t count the times I’ve seen left hand turns from the far right lane and right turns from the far left lane. Seems like the yellow light means speed up and get through to many people. And the red only means slow down a little if there isn’t any other traffic that they can see.

    Just my opinion.


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