“Raging Solar Storm” Hitting Earth – Gizmodo

Source. Gizmodo http://gizmodo.com/5878656/how-this-huge-solar-storm-is-going-to-affect-you

From the article, which makes good reading in its entirety…

The end pretty much sums it up.

The geomagnetic storm will only be “strong G2 with possibilities of G3,” according to Bisecker. In the best case scenario, only power lines will be affected. You will not notice it because any power fluctuations will be handled by companies at the grid level. If the storm is long enough, however, it may damage power grid transformers.

Other than all this, and unless something extraordinary happens, you shouldn’t worry about the world ending tomorrow. It won’t. But keep your eyes open for auroras happening near you. Those living up north in particular should have a great show over the next two days.

While there will be effects, unavoidable in most instances, overall it will be a non-even for the average Joe. Some sources say that the auroras may be visible as far south as Atlanta. I expect that our biggest concern is degraded grid performance leading to power outages here and there – maybe. If your computer equipment is on a surge protected uninterruptable power supply (UPS), you should be fine. Might be nice to have your radio comms on such devices as well. Food for future planning for many, I’m sure.

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