Combat After the SHTF

A Marine posted a video on his YouTube channel, and I had opportunity to watch it today. I don’t spend much time with videos by people with a know-it-all message because, after all, I’m the true know-it-all, right? I have a web site that says so, so it must be true. Hehe, NOT.

I watched the video because some people I know also watched it, and gave it good reviews. So, a Marine wants to share a few things, say some hard words, and some credible people gave it a thumbs up. Hard to lose that bet.

So, for my own personal know-it-all intro to this vid, I’ll say this:

This is a video for all those preppers that think that the TEOTWAWKI scenario of their dreams will free them to engage in whatever they please. This Marine wrote it well, and read it on YouTube. Give this a listen and maybe a new way of thinking will grow in your heads.

For those of you that already have a sense of reality permeating your planning and preps, please continue to keep your grip on reality as one of your prepping tools. You are DEAD without it. His video gets relevant to prepping on the whole at 04:16, so stick with it. The first 4 minutes and 16 seconds set up the remainder.

His channel is at

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