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Back from a practice run with the mobile retreat, our BORV. All went well, considering my huge lack of sleep and an unusually high intolerance for warmer temperatures. Once again, for those interested, I must stress that a properly suited BORV needs to have storage, storage and STORAGE. If you plan on being self-sufficient while mobile, you have to accept that all needed supplies must be part of your load. Maximizing the possibilities is impossible without storage. It’s even more agreeable if the storage is easily accessed.

Radiation Reading

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Our friends over at POTRblog now have a beta test system in place for real-time monitoring over the web. This “EXPERIMENTAL live data feed” is a new effort, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a few adjustments are made in the near future. If you have not read their site, go give it a look and a listen. The best material is in the videos. They are located in St. Louis.

POTRblog has been on the leading edge of an effort to detect “fallout” from Fukushima, and has backed up some intriguing claims with measured and published data regarding jet stream location and patterns, local wind data, published radiation measurements from public and private sources, isotope deposition and more. I read their updates with increasing regularity, and have it readily available to me in the event that some other news or source (yes, we have a few…) alerts all of us to the need for further information.

I have a personal hope that the private efforts at providing real-time radiation measurements only grows larger and more effective with time. Got RadMeter?

Joe Farrah Claims to have been “Droned”

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Apparently (I didn’t know this) Mr. Farrah has a very secluded domicile in Virginia. He noticed a buzzing drone overhead at the tree line as he was walking his dog. In the article, he has  a few interesting things to say. What I find amazing is that this particular drone was loud enough, and CLOSE enough, to hear. In the back of my mind, I’m wondering if this drone was owned by a newspaper, private investigator, insurance company….  You know, somebody without the usual motive for spying on someone. Is the federal locker room the only team with a “need to know”? Have you been droned? Would you know if you were? What would you do?

Arizona Makes a New Bid at “States’ Rights” …

… by holding the Federal government to its responsibilities. They wish to make it a matter of public record that their state will not tolerate the federal government violating its obligation to uphold the Constitution.


If you like to use roll-your-own machines at specialized smoke shops to create your own cigarettes, that ends NOW. A bill being signed by the President forces those shops to close, because the definition of a “cigarette manufacturer” has changed. I don’t, and will not ever, smoke. It’s not for me. But as a matter of liberty, I have to agree that such things are part of a free society. The article makes some good points regarding the Senator that pushed the bill.

D.C. Heat Wave Continues – EMP?

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Is Hell piling on more coals? A few posts back I wrote about the power issues that the recent storms have created. With D.C.’s above ground power lines routinely causing issues, and with the fragility of the grid there, this heat wave is suited for nothing other than killing Americans. Earlier this week, Tom Sullivan had a show where he spoke with many power operators and utility company employees about the lunacy of keeping vulnerable transmission lines above ground, instead of underground in relative safety. One individual said it would cost 5 to 10 times as much, per bill, to retrofit. Tom asked if his aging relative should find comfort in that fact as she bakes in her home due to dropped power.

We can learn a bit about this by re-working the facts behind this summer’s problems out there. Take away the storms, power system stresses and repair men at work, and imagine all of this coming about as the result of an EMP attack. Consider how the worst weather you can imagine having at your area of operations would affect your ability to survive. WAR GAME it. Evaluate your preps and make adjustments.

Meanwhile, Usable Water is Denied to Colorado Farmers

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to pump. And when the cities that claim the water have no food to eat, they can eat the paper the legislation sits upon.

Verizon Stands up for the Constitution – sort of

“In a nutshell, Verizon argues that the FCC has overstepped its authority with its Net neutrality rules, going so far as to argue that the rules are unconstitutional — Verizon sees the transmission of data across its network as “speech.”

Have you Heard? Robin Hood is alive….

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Stockton, and other California cities are looking for ways to spend the cash of those making their mortgage payments in order to help those that aren’t. If you own a home, look on your back. See if someone pasted a note saying, “I’m rich. ROB ME”

So much for the news blast. I hope you enjoyed the ride. If we stopped off at any place that services your particular mode of thinking, we were glad to be of assistance.




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