Before Results Come Focus and Intent

Did it again. Had something running through my mind while singed-on to Twitter doing other things. Distracted by the thought, I got it out of the way by plopping it down in under 140 characters. Result?

“FOCUS & INTENT. One active, the other potential. Together, they produce RESULTS. The key = manage what you look at.”

It’s how we get places we intent to reach. We look, we move. We focus on the way point and move with the intention of getting there regardless of the obstacles.

Focus isn’t just looking at something to the exclusion of all else. It is the determined observation of that “thing”, to the INclusion of all that affects it. Focusing is the purposeful study of the thing in question. It results in the ownership of knowledge useful to a task, or even many tasks.

Intent goes beyond mere consideration. Intent spans the gap between the desire to do a thing and the informed effort to accomplish it.

Put them together and you have the basic requirements in formulating a plan to achieve RESULTS. Which results depends on your original focus.

How does this apply to preppers and a survival plan? I speak with them pretty much every week…. the preppers that have reached a burn out or a mental block. From those that wanted to speak further about it, I widely discover that they reached these difficult places because they expended a lot of energy on the wrong things. They wanted to be busy, because that was what they thought would accomplish things.

Doesn’t work….

I almost always instruct interested people that their energy is finite, their cash is finite but their potential goes beyond that. The key to managing their efforts is to manage their visualized goals. What are they looking at? If it isn’t a true goal, a way point along the course of their plan, then they will achieve very little of value.

Manage how you focus. Evaluate the worth of each point along the way. When you have determined the validity of the goal, set your intent upon it, and move forward.

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