Cooperative Prepping

So many preppers become consumed with the thought that they can’t do it all on their own. The costs, skills and knowledge acquisition, space and location all add up to a giant that is seemingly unslayable.  Starting with this viewpoint will stop many before they realize they have done fairly well! And really can pull it off. Still, for many the giant is real. He stands there with his club ready to crush plans and efforts with a laugh and a dare. Some peppers need help.

There are millions of us in the US, and millions more throughout the world. With the concurrent rise of global financial and governmental problems, reality prepper shows and slews of new books, the ranks of survivalists and preppers have grown. The likelihood of a neighbor, coworker or even family member having climbed aboard is high.

The embattled prepper might do well to seek out others within his trusted circles first, and work outward from there. Among a group of like-minded individuals lies an assortment of talents and resources. It’s highly unlikely that a group of individuals would be completely homogeneous. This is to the advantage of peppers. Some will have land. Some, training. Still others supplies and practice homesteading skills. It is worth looking about to explore the possibility of building a team.

A group of trusted individuals can use the regular steps for planning. The difficulty is in establishing the group. The risks here are not insignificant, but the potential benefits are great. If you find yourself behind the 8-ball, take another look at those around you. There just might be a few feeling the same way. See if you can help each other establish a new community.

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