Google Maps a New Road - OFF Road

Image of Google backpack from, Google is touted today as taking its StreetView ™ tech down a new path. The newest in their line of photographic recording equipment is a back pack. This new get up will weigh about 40lbs, and allow its operator to record images where cars and planes can not do the job.

Off road mappers will try to capture as much information as possible. This means that your retreat, cabin, homestead, farm, ranch etc…. is now in the camera’s cross hairs like never before. If you are intent on keeping your personal lands private, you might want to consider making foot traffic a rare thing.

Many retreat-type properties can only be viewed after covering some land on foot, because the driveway approaches are blocked by gates, or lie on roads that aren’t convenient for the SV cars. Adjacent public lands, though, are now useful as transit corridors for these new get ups. It is Google’s eventual goal to categorize as much of the earth’s surface as possible. How long will it take? That depends on you, and what you allow to be filmed.


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