Potential New Battery for Prepper Stocks

Powerlock Battery fro P&G

Photo souce, P&G

It’s no secret that battery power for preppers is a bib topic. Storing batteries is a practice that sours the mind with the thought that those expensive items will degrade over time. Getting a couple good years out of them was supposed to be easy – if you wrapped them in moisture proof bags and stuffed them into a freezer.

Well, now Duracell is claiming the biggest leap forward in battery tech since the CopperTop™.  This new battery, the Duralock Power Preserve™, is supposed to last TEN YEARS in storage. This amounts to quite a bit of power security for preppers relying on them for things like NVDs, GPSs, security devices and radios. I’ve been purchasing their current offering which has a pretty good advertised shelf life. This thing looks to be much better. It is scheduled for release to the public this summer.

Unless I hear bad news about it somewhere, I’ll be picking them up. You can read about them HERE.

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