Old Enemies & New Threats

Your past can return to haunt you, or worse.

From the mind of Hollywood, we are told stories about the avenging bad guy, the victorious hero, and good endings in just about all of them. Sometimes the ending isn’t so good. Sometimes, Hollywood can not compare to the real world. The stories Hollywood tells are produced for the widest possible audience to take in and “own” within their minds. The stories that life produces are much too often told by newscasters and journals and the grieving to any and all that will listen. There are no alternate endings available. There are no re-writes. There is simply the after action horrors and memories that wind up tucked away, hopefully to stay there.

Revenge and payback are facts of life. Given the right motive and opportunity, those that hold hatred for you will act on that hatred. I’ve seen it a few times. Recently, a friend of mine was introduced to that fact. I his line of work, this sort of thing can be expected, though the form in which it manifested itself was entirely unexpected. Hollywood might play around the edges, but life is the dominant script for all but those who live in fantasy-land. The story is wrapped up for most but the pain. He will survive. Others, well, it’s too late, and the perps are behind bars awaiting their own script revisions.

Part of prepping is the clarification of our situations, and the threats to our survival and health. I want to personally encourage my readers to take stock of, well…. not necessarily the details of who and what might “git you”….. but perhaps a broader vision into what your life is capable of presenting. Does your lifestyle leave you open to bad actors? Are you on someone’s list? Multiple lists? I’m sure a few of you have would up on more than one, and your service to the public’s safety was the reason…. and you are proud of the fact that you have been so effective against the forces of evil. I tip my rather worn hat to you. Please, whether your are a mom learning how to get a grip on your corner of the world, or a foggy operator doing what the masses could never dream of doing, be realistic in your self assessments. Not to pigeon hole yourself – to liberate yourself. It is only in a non-scripted existence that we can survive whole and intact physically, spiritually and mentally.

Do what you can to be alert, and to help your family understand that drawing a breath from moment to moment may fall subject to a bad actor. Be watchful. Practice situational awareness. Treasure your family and true friends.

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