New Side Garage Door Today

Well, the old 32″ door on the side of the garage gave up. It had issues with the hinges before, and I didn’t much appreciate the locking mechanism or fit. With the recent theft of some equipment from the enclosure on that side of The Keep, I felt it was time to replace the door, beef up security and take back control of that part of the real estate.

I bought a steel door, pre-hung with complete jam and threshold setup. It came with cut-outs for the standard lock set and a deadbolt. The locking hardware is as heavy duty as I could find. The back of the jam, through which the dead bolt passes, is equipped with a steal security plate that makes kicking the jam apart impossible. In order to force the assembly open, the intruder needs to break the entire jam away from the frame, or force the jam itself to part in the middle, which is another mechanical fantasy.

My son-in-law assisted. When it was finished, we had several 4″ #10 screws on each side, passing clean into the framing of the garage wall. The upper frame received a similar treatment. The striker plate for the dead bolt is built over-sized and uses two 6″ #12 anchors to secure it. In the immediate area of the dead bolt and lock set are several anchoring screws that would be hard to bend on an invader’s best day.

In addition to the usual securing screws are several shim locations, common to all door frame installations. The difference between this one and the run-of-the-mill is the sheer number of these hard points. We went overboard. In order to make the job weather proof, and even more secure, all gaps and joints were sealed with construction sealer, expanding foam. It works as a glue as well as a gap sealer, and blocks out air, light, and saws that don’t like being gummed-up.

Soon, the trim goes back on. It might be backed with metal plate. Haven’t decided yet. One thing is for certain, though. The door itself will be barred in 2 locations, and capped with a security screen door. Any attempt to get in will result in quite a bit of noise and cursing….

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