Fukushima - A Sword of Damocles

Fukushima 4 - From the WSJ

Fukushima 4 Reactor Building

The reactor complex at Fukushima was the subject of major concern after last year’s tsunami off Japan. Depending on who you listen to, there were between one and three nuclear meltdowns or partial meltdowns. The concerns over those have largely fallen to the side for most people (though not us here at ASP). There is a much larger problem, though. It has gone under-reported by my standards.

Each reactor there, and there are 6 of them, has an internal storage pool for spent fuel rods. These pools are in danger of collapse, which would expose the rods to air, resulting in a superheated condition leading to fire. This fire would be impossible to extinguish. Water pumped in would instantly burst into steam, and the cooling effect would vaporize right along with it. The rods themselves would be converted into highly radioactive particles that would cross the Pacific Ocean and visit us in the US. Decontamination would be an extremely difficult task. Think “Chernobyl”.

There really isn’t much that can be done by the average American to deal with widespread and persistent radiological contamination. This isn’t something I personally have planned for. Fallout from nukes, yes. Radiological defecation from Japan, no. There is a difference between the two. In a nuclear detonation and burn, most of the fuel in the device is consumed. The fallout following on is compromised of left-overs that have bonded to physical debris. Most of this will decay rapidly, which is what allows for fallout shelters to provide protection for their guests. Radiological bombs, though, create masses of dangerous materials that do much greater radiological damage in a concentrated area. The Fukushima disaster has the capacity to produce the effects of a radiological bomb over a truly massive area and at much greater levels of persistent contamination. The hundreds of tons of spent fuel that could yield their energy to the problem simply could not be dreamed of by even the most heroine-happy terrorist who might have, at most, a couple pounds of un-enriched material.

In my research to create yet another award-winning article for this blog (wink), I came across a site that deals with the condition of the reactors a Fukushima in a most excellent form. So, I’m going to do what every blog owner would rather not, and redirect you. Please, go visit Washington’s Blog and read. You will receive an education. If the text doesn’t resonate with you, the photographs should. (It is picture heavy, so if you will be viewing the site via mobile device, be ready for a slow download.)

Afterward, come back here and read our page regarding Radiation Info. The Pissing on the Roses site is actively working to discover our real situation here. I recommend following POTR regularly to become more familiar with our situation, and especially to see their upcoming comparison test on background radiation in our beef supply using a pre-Fuku source of grass few frozen beef as a control.

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We’re going to put other projects on hold and see about a plan to deal with these issues. Any ideas?  Please spout off….


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