NEWS – There are More Underwear Bombs

From ABC News….

U.S. and European officials say that even though an al Qaeda bomber was stopped before he could board a plane for the U.S., the threat is far from over — there are believed to be several other would-be bombers with similar non-metallic devices that could get through most airport security screening.

The article goes on to say that the bomb had “a highly refined detonation system“.  They made a point of mentioning “it was apparently something that was going to be carried onto the plane on the body, not in the body, of the suicide bomber.”

What I’ve been concerned about for the last couple of years is the advancement of bomb making technology. We saw in Iraq that the early IEDs were not the end of the evolution of the bomb. They became more sophisticated and dangerous. It is foolish to assume that any other bomb making cottage industry will rest upon just one successful design. My expectation is that the detonation techniques and designs will become more reliable and covert. This article shows that the detonation materials are non-metallic, and advancing… though it doesn’t say in what way.

Creating a bomb garment that eludes back scatter scanning technology is certainly a focus of the enemy. It was shown by an online expositor last year that simple plastics morphed onto the body of a traveler were invisible to the scanners. It’s somewhere on Youtube, if you care to search for it.

When I was watching that one, I had the thought that a cavity bomb would be much more suited to the task of getting past airport security of all types. If and when detonators could be manufactured that would allow for setting off such a device, then the whole game would change. The ABC article shares that opinion when it says “it was apparently something that was going to be carried onto the plane on the body, not in the body, of the suicide bomber.” Cavity bombs are on everyone’s radar. Don’t expect them to be discovered, though. Current scanning technology can not detect cavity bombs. The only thing between them and a dead airliner is a workable detonator.

Discovering how such a terrorist success actually worked would be one seriously difficult assignment. If the plane is brought down over the ocean, you can forget about discovering the method. Until cavity searches are authorized, or actual X-ray machines deployed, there would be no way of detecting one of these before the bomber was aboard.

One other item stands out from within this article. It is…

“The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee said the White House gave the misleading information for security reasons. Said Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Connecticut, “I was told that no public announcement of the plot was made at the time in order to protect ongoing counter-terrorism operations in the field.”

Anyone that believes real and actionable information will get out to the public in advance of an attack is a fool. Whether the reason is to protect an ongoing operation, to prevent panic or to protect missteps by politicians involved, you will get no warning. What are you to do then? If you have to travel, PROFILE your fellow passengers. The big boys supposedly can not do that, but YOU can. If you feel uneasy about a flight because of a passenger you notice, do what you think is necessary. Get another one or cancel. Some people can’t do this for employment reasons. The thing in their favor is that of all flights that can be targeted, the odds of theirs getting hit are slim. But the facts are that any attack is most likely to be carried out by a young man of middle eastern appearance or descent. It isn’t racist to say that- it’s just the facts, and facts don’t lie.

I think we have to assume that there will be a dead airliner in the future. The domestic results of that will be severe and immediate. Lingering effects will be increased security at many points of entry, via air and other means. There will be more surveillance in general, and more resistance to it. Creating accurate scenarios from there will be difficult for the traveling prepper. As usual, you are tasked with being your own security.

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  • TSA will always be one step ahead on technology, but 2 steps behind on practicality and common sense. The same with DHS. They concentrate on the past and spend the research money on things already accomplished and only a little time and effort to take the battle to the real enemy, the people doing it and their masters. Too much time and money is spent on ways to make the prosecutable for everything but what they are actually doing, killing people. Doesn’t matter if a cell phone is involved, or a certain sized container can hold just enough explosive to do damage, don’t try them on such charges, try them for attempted murder and murder. And profiling works. If the majority of events have been caused by a certain profile of person, which might include ethnic and religious aspects, then so be it. You must go to great pains not to interfere with the basic rights of all people, but at least investigate enough, legally, to elliminate that person from further interest.

    Just my opinion.


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