Something I wrote on Twitter today. It somehow placed me into “philosopher mode”.

“Freedom exists first in your head. Freedom 2 think & decide. From there flows all choice & action. Prep because you choose to.”

I think this is where some preppers find their Waterloo. Some people find their greatest limitations within their heads. Preconceptions regarding their mental, physical and financial capabilities stand in the way of their progress. Obviously, some can do more than others, but most can do more than they believe. Where these “limitations” meet and defeat their efforts is the battleground most worth conquering.

The battlefield of the mind is one that must be viciously owned and defended. The one who masters his mind, his thought life, is the one who is free to explore the possibilities open to him, and even to create opportunities where none existed before. Action born of thought is a plan at work. By chance, the prepper may do a few things right. By PLAN, he will accomplish a great deal more. By thought, quickened by the knowledge that his mind is his own, a prepper, or any individual for that matter, will take control of those things which rightly should be subject to him. No action plan, though, will succeed in the absence of free thought.

Where a thought seeks to consume your efforts, and control the direction of your life, see it for what it truly is – a danger –  and it will lose its power.

Where impulse seeks to override carefully honed instinct, purpose to follow your training.

Where someone tells you differently, search out the truth and hold on to what is good and right.

Never let the freedom of thought, which is a right of yours by birth, be subject to the pressure of lies, disinformation and manipulation. If surviving this or that is truly your goal, allowing for your free thought to be subject to anything less than your own trained and truth-seeking brain is to hand yourself over to your captor’s chains, however good meaning or evil he or it may be.

Be free to think. Be open to ideas. Consider options and alternative methodologies. But always settle the truth about the matter as best you can and stand your ground. The battlefield is yours to win or lose, or hand over without a fight.

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    • Nickie

      I find that misconception is very definitely related to disinformation. Taking TIME to research and to be informed should be easier becasue of the internet, yet I read an article that showed how many people are NOT so benefited because the info they seek is not truncated enough. Therefore, they cannot bring themselves to study or read in depth. Ideas and concepts are not as well internalized or proven. Thanks for the reminder about thoughts!

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