Shotgun Scabbard

I picked up a Condor Tactical “rifle” scabbard that I later learned is intended for shotguns. I like it anyway. It was hanging on the wall at a store I occasionally visit. My original reason for heading there was to see if they had a shoulder bandoleer setup for shotgun shells, similar to the waist belt version I own. The shot shell holders work well for my .45-70 ammo, which is much the same size as .410 shells. I did find the shoulder rig, but only after seeing that nifty scabbard. It’s funny that my belt and scabbard are both for my lever action rifle, but designed originally for shot guns.

What I first noticed about it was the MOLLE webbing on both sides, in two ranks. There are four straps located on one side that you may, of course, position anywhere you like. As far as I’m concerned, it’s about as close as you can get to a universal mounting system without getting silly. It will work equally well for lefties and righties.

There are 4 attachment points suitable for the included adjustable shoulder strap. I didn’t notice anything about the adjustment that presented a problem, and the D-rings lend themselves to creative usage with the strap. The shorter strap can be used as (and is originally designed for) a retainer for whatever weapon type you are carrying. The image shows a shotgun. If you chose not to use it in that manner, it might be useful as a further means of retaining the scabbard itself. I see no reason why it couldn’t be mounted to just about anything with a slot or hole, or heavy straps and webbing. You name it… your back, a horse’s tackle, dividers within a work truck, a modified rifle rack… Pick your system and adapt.

The material is a nylon blend. I’m not sure how it will affect a firearm’s finish. It concerned me a little bit, but that’s a secondary issue. My Marlin Guide gun fits well, and carries well. That is the mission this piece of equipment has. There are ways to protect a rifle in this situation.

There is a good amount of padding in this thing, all around. Being a soft case, the padding help to add rigidity. It is flexible, but not floppy by any means. The bottom of the case has a drain hole, for those of us that ford rivers for fun.

I did have a problem, though. The first one I looked at had some very bad stitching along on edge, that looked to me as if it would fail at some point. I looked at six of them in total, with 4 being passing, and two being no-go. Mine appears to have no defects at all. The light green color suits my needs, but it is available in black, tan (coyote) and ACU.

Here is a YouTube review done by CQBRadio.

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