How We Leave for, and Return from, Vacation

When we take off for a trip, long or short, we do so with an eye on who might be watching. Our methodology includes a few key actions that we believe add to our security, and to that of the home we leave behind.

If we are taking our RV, we don’t bring it home and leave with it on go-day. It might come home a week early, or not at all. If early, it is for a clean up, but we do that anyway, at random, so that event is mostly ignored by any and all. Sometimes we clean it up at the storage lot. It rarely, if ever anymore, gets loaded at home and deployed. Our things go into the truck (which is backed up to the garage door) and taken to it.

We do not advertise to the world that we are going anywhere. That includes Facebook, Twitter or even most e-mail. Our leave and return dates are not cataloged on any public system. At the most, there is a reservation at our destination.

When on the road, our communications do not make note of the fact that we are not at home. We don’t let Facebook “locate” us, or describe activities in which we are engaged. Cell phone pics might get to our family, and those that matter to us, but they know not to publish them on social media.

Our home is watched over by family. There are enough vehicles around to maintain the “look”. Since we do not get the newspaper, nothing builds up on the porch or driveway. One of our neighbors watches tings, too.

Sometimes I remember to inform the local police that we are gone, and they make passes through the area to check on things. That’s one great benefit of being friendly to law enforcement, and acknowledging them when we see them in town, at the store or somewhere on the road. (Helps to have a good force to begin with, and we do.  🙂 )

Our tow vehicle is parked on the street, in the driveway, across the street, or is on day trips now and then. It’s presence or lack thereof doesn’t raise any flags. I like to think that our longer trips aren’t noticed until we get back. when we do return, any plunder from our shopping goes from tailgate to door, or garage. We’ll even wait until nightfall to do it. Not only does the dark help, but the difference in time breaks up the whole return /unload parade that so many undertake.

Basically, we do as little as reasonable to draw attention to our activities. I suggest you do the same.

Paranoid? No.


2 comments to How We Leave for, and Return from, Vacation

  • Way to go! Excellent advice. I do something similar, though not quite as extensive. Since I live in an apartment building with a basement garage that is well lighted and has security cameras everywhere, my main thrust is to leave well before people are up and about, or after the morning rush is over. Same way getting back. Pretty much a random time influenced in rush hour traffic and the setting/rising sun.

    Since I’m never in the same parking place twice in a row, someone would need to do a very thorough inspection to spot my vehicle in with all the others. I look gone as much as I look at home.


    • L P

      That’s a great take on a difference situation, Jerry. Switching up times is one way to prevent someone from “patterning” you. Much as hunters attempt to discover the habits and patterns of their prey, thieves and other malcontents try to work out a safe approach to us.

      There is more to camo than a fancy pattern on your jacket.

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