North Korean Test Launch

Was the NoKo Galaxy Rocket launch nothing more than a test? I tend to think not, because of the major face they lost on this. There was great expectation attached to a successful orbit achievement. But let’s assume, for the moment, that this was a test of new launching technology. Anything after the test would be a waste of time and effort, and might advertise more data than necessary. The flight would last only long enough to verify predefined expectations.

The rocket burned for 81 seconds, depending on whose report you read. Being a 3 stage rocket, it would leave a trail of falling debris until the 3rd stage was well on its way. Is 81 seconds enough time to put the 3rd stage on a vector to reach the proper apex? Our 3 stage rockets vary in their burn time, but they can be as long at 300+ seconds to as short as 120. I suppose it might be possible to use this whole fiasco as political cover for a all-up test, including a self destruct after the 2nd stage burned-out.

Then again, it’s most likely just another classic NoKo FAIL.

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