The Sub of all Fears

North Korea has mad much of it upcoming “satellite” launch on the tip of a 3 stage rocket marginally capable of ICBM usage. It has said that any attempt to shoot it down would be considered an act of war. This week’s successful deployment of diesel /electric submarines into waters where they have shaken contact seems to add teeth to their usually empty threats.

South Korea is looking for them, and Japan may very well be giving them assistance. There might even be a US boat or two playing in those waters.

With South Korea’s joint war games redeploying assets away from the boundary line, it may be possible for the NK submarines to get deep into SK waters. The Cheonan sinking in 2010 is still fresh in SK naval minds. The timing for this deployment is bad. It is no surprise that Japan would assist in looking for these boats, since their PM gave a very strong and unexpected speech against North Korean space ambitions, stating that this launch might be against UN rules and non-proliferation efforts. Bot South Korea and Japan have an interest in limiting NK nuclear technology advancement.

What does all this mean to you? Not much, at this point. I think that the average prepper should watch for what the Chinese might say or do. North Korea is a kind of mentally retarded nephew to China, and China claims to be prepared to support any attacks against the little relative. That is worth remembering when reading news reports that are slow to come forward, but sure to do so as things develop. This story took days to coalesce after basic sources initially made the connections.

  • Outcome? Likely nothing.
  • Potential for bad news due to bad actors? Moderate.
  • Kind of results from bad actors acting? Horrible.
  • On a scale from 1 – 10, 10 being TSHTF, a 2.

A factoid to remember: The tech required to successfully place a satellite into orbit is very much related to placing a nuclear reentry device into an apical position for free fall…. in other words, satellite launching tech is very similar to ballistic warhead delivery. It’s the first and most difficult half of the ICBM targeting problem.

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