“Doomsday” Shows

Let’s get something straight right now, before there are too many other dreams of stardom that override common sense. If you want to star on a show, find one that has nothing to do with Doomsday this or Doomsday that. Go on a sitcom, or some cooking reality show. No one that appears on one of these “preppers shows” will ever again be able to regain anonymity. No one that signs a contract for rights and rewards will be able to trade those for the relative security they possessed before signing on the dotted lines. Is say “relative” only because the mindset that existed before the casting call or solicitation would likely have, and probably had already, blown the cover of its owner.

One of the most important rules that all Preppers need to consider is something like this: I will not expose myself, or those I work to secure, to the prying eyes and desires of strangers. A prepper will not have his or her work destroyed by advertising to one and all the fact that he is, in any significant way, working to enhance his security. This rule is generally only broken or modified when in a community setting – such as getting the neighborhood up to speed on hurricane or tornado security, flood preparations for a town, wild fire evacuation plans and buddy systems, etc…. In other words – anything that is a group effort wherein no one individual is at risk for participating. For the “Doomsday Prepper”, letting the world in on the results of your efforts does no more than invite theft or worse when the crud this the blades.

If a prepper is responsible for the safety and well being of others in his family or in is circle of friends, risking them and theirs for a moment of publicity is a sin – straight up. It is treason to their expectations, hopes and rights for a prepper to publicize the who, what and where. I don’t care what the show producer promises, or even contracts. Once the episode is aired, it is forever available in electronic form for any and all to review to their own little black hearts’ contentment. There remains no recourse to retract what is published. It can be studied, picked apart and categorized in any manner a potential thief so desires. That “prepper” has no right to risk the lives of those for whom he is responsible.

Some with whom I have discussed this new phenomenon on the air waves say something along these lines, “But it has brought so many to consider preparing.” This is certainly true, but it is not the only way this could happen. No prepping show has to share faces, locations and names. The manner in which these are being produced is not the ONLY manner in which to create them.  I see stunning carelessness for the safety of the showcased preppers. It can and should be done with security in mind, to the point of almost boring anonymity – but that will not sell advertising and DVD collections.

If you are a real prepper, approached and tempted by fame and money – don’t do it!  Keep in mind, that your more strong-willed brothers will not go on, because of the rule.

I would junk these shows, anyway. In the end, the public understanding of the responsible prepper community as a whole will be greatly separated from the truth – and they will believe in a way that puts at risk everything you do to prepare. Do you wish to be called a hoarder? Paranoid? Unpatriotic? I tell you that such will be the case. The only questions about this are, “When?” and “By whom?”

Because there are so many willing to destroy your efforts for their fame, you must now be all the more careful in your conversations. Getting labels slapped on you is many more times easy, right now. My advise to anyone of a preparedness mindset is this: Keep your mouth closed until you have vetted the person to whom you wish to speak. Unless you have the safety of knowing that this or that stranger would never find out who you are or where you live, forget about spreading the word. Due to these shows, bringing “it” up is now an invitation, whether you like it or not.

Practice discretion.

Practice security.

Practice using your brain…..

2 comments to “Doomsday” Shows

  • Steve

    One of the thing that I first understood to be of fundamental importance was “OPSEC”, and I am new to Prepping. Would love your thoughts on how to star a new homestead somewhere in the mountains. looking at about 35 acres with water and power for now but will be taking it off grid.

    • L P

      Hi Steve. I’ll do a write up on that later as a new post, and give you some suggestions based on what you said. I’ll be going off of a few assumptions such as “mountains” including trees and some water. If you have a few descriptive details, I can go a little deeper. To start, though, 35 acres is a great start, and with the right terrain and climate, you have the makings of a proper homestead – a classic American Dream.

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