The Cat is out of the Bag

The cat is out of the bag. Preppers are going mainstream, at least as comedic fare. Look at all the new shows. Doomsday Preppers. Doomsday Bunkers. Armageddon Preppers (casting call in the works). Meet the Preppers (Coming). PreppersTV (from the group that did Doomsday Preppers, except now they want more extreme preppers…).

There will be more….   this public-prepper-people thing is getting traction, and interest generates CASH. The focus is to entertain and sell air time, not teach. What they decide to air from the volume of video they collect is that compilation of interviews that will most likely get them a paycheck. As they produce more and more specials and series, there will be more of a rush for other production companies and cable channels to get in on the action.

The casts of these shows may believe in what they say, but their problem here (and ours, too) is that they shouldn’t be saying ANYTHING. Each of these groups has broadcast to the world that they seek to be “prepared” for whatever disaster suits their fears. They have been recognized by those they know, and that recognition will increase as they move about in their lives. The shows will be re-broadcast to generate more cash flow, and more viewers will be introduced to their identities. From now on, unless they massively restructure their lives, their celebrity status will be a weight around their necks, and even more so if real disaster strikes.

Aside from the dangers that all of the participants have now signed up for, there is the danger to the rest of us. The producers have chosen characters that will generate interest and sell the show. These people are not necessarily representative of the great majority of conscientious preppers. Viewers will make note that so-called security concerns were blown to pieces the moment the tape started to roll. They will recognize that anyone determined to prep in secret, and do the most to guarantee the survival of their family, would not go on national television. Viewers will also catch on that, while there are some good points to glean from watching the shows, (points they might incorporate into their own plans), what they are watching is not meant to teach. Beyond these things, though, there is a huge viewing audience that has no interest in prepping, thinks it is a fool’s effort, and will reinforce their many ideas about preppers in general. These ideas include beliefs that preppers are paranoid, neurotic, dangerous, hoarding, foolish, hair-triggers, anti-social, anti-government, religious nuts, uneducated, unreasonable, selfish and a host of other descriptions.

As this broadcast fad runs its course, more and more mockery will come to preppers via comedy shows, new broadcasts, politicians, magazines and blogs everywhere. The damage done to public image, which up til now was very low key due to the fact that “prepping” was largely unknown, will be irreversible. “Survivalists” got a bad name back in the 70s, and some of it was due to a few seriously crazy people getting attention. It has taken decades for the community to remake itself, and even work up a new name. Soon, that will be lost to pop culture snobbery, enthusiastic ignorance and misunderstanding.

My advice? Keep it to yourself, and be very very careful about what you share and with whom you share it. If you value your own security, reputation, even your job, be wise in your doings. It is so easy to let the cat out of the bag, and once she’s gone, forget about getting her back in.

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  • I agree with you 100%. The real people of means aren’t going around telling everyone about what they’re up to, they don’t have to, they are the most secure of people. I’m after the same thing. My freedom? God and I will worry about, they can keep their so called security.

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