Possible Chinese Coup?

Maybe you’ve seen, it…. maybe you haven’t.  Over the last few days, there have been “rumors” of a Chinese military coup in the works. Rumors and remarkably similar to ass-umptions in their after effects, so be careful what you take a truth.  Still, Wednesday, the Washington Times shipped in with this report.

The most interesting component of this story is that an increasingly nationalistic military could be behind this. Never, never ever ever, is that a good thing in that area of the world.

Reports Saying the Coup Rumors are FALSE

Just as we can’t absolutely state that there has been, or is in progress, a coup, no one can state the opposite with certainty. Perhaps the only thing we can know without doubt at this time is that news from China is severely curtailed by the built-in walls of secrecy inside and around the Politburo….


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