Doomsday Preppers /Doomsday Bunkers

How have these shows, and others like them affected you? I believe they have, and there is little you can do about it.  A few short thoughts on this….

You are on the radar. Not you specifically, but your SPECIES. Prepping has gone mainstream, so those activities and discussions we used to get away with will now have some eyes a-watchin’.  Buzzwords that you and your friends could feel comfortable with before will now gain attention. Why? Because it is WEIRD. That’s right, just plain weird. The vast majority of non-preppers will come away from these shows with impressions, beliefs and expectations that don’t really match reality. All this because these shows don’t match up with reality. They showcase so-called preppers that have blown their own cover to be on camera. We understand, the most of us, that the only difference between us and the non-prepared is that our eyes are open and our understanding is clear – that we are responsible for ourselves. This makes us different, but not foreign. The vast majority of us would never go on camera, so these shows obviously represent very few of us. But to those that were laughing at the shows, or even growing angry that any would dare to prepare without their permission, we are not just regular people with perfectly allowable and understandable viewpoints. We are alien to their beliefs and we pose a threat due to our “paranoia”.

Some of the people on those shows have committed serious prepping sins. They allowed their locations to be shown well enough to be identified by their communities, and therefore (eventually) others further away. They also allowed their particulars to be shown, creating a “haves and have-not” situation that will become meaningful to thieves down the road. Further, as the “survivalist” image was not divorced from the preppers showcased across the land, there is now an understanding that preppers may be armed. Law enforcement will tell you that firearms are prime targets for thieves, contrary to what some believe. They aren’t scared off, they are drawn to them. The presence of guns at a home or retreat may encourage break-ins. Faces and homes identified, names given, preps shown and in many cases, some just plain strange behavior are things we shouldn’t be happy about. Like it or not, they stand as our most visible representatives. Do you like what you see?

You will be lumped in with them simply because there really isn’t much else to use in making a comparison. The prepping movement has been growing. Just look at the blogs, web sites, stores, clearing houses, suppliers, advertisements, etc…. that have sprung up in the last few years. They wouldn’t do it without a market. At least for now, the market responds to demand. Because of this, media attention is on us, but the scripted presentation is very much divorced from us. To sell their wares, the media must present a prepared product that will be eagerly purchased. Therein lies the trouble.

Remember all the warnings to keep it down low? OPSEC? Being stealthy about how you speak and what you buy because the wrong kind of attention could undo your work? That is STILL TRUE. It hasn’t changed. Only now, media attention has increased, and along with it, so has your visibility. What might have been ignored before, just might be recognized now.

Doomsday Preppers (and perhaps soon, Doomsday Bunkers) have brought a lot of people onto the band wagon, and given them the impetus to get started on their own self sufficiency efforts, and to that extent, they have done a service. I believe this is only a happy side effect, though, and not the majority of the reaction generated. You will likely come across people curious about the “prepper craze”. If you show any expertise, it will be recognized by viewers of the programs. If you are not careful, you might get into a conversation with someone that has strong negative stereotypes, rather than someone looking for help. This kind of person will remember you.

Be wise. Listen, and chose your responses carefully, and by no means put yourself on display. Right now it’s a nuisance.  The spot light that “Doomsday Preppers” et al has placed upon the community is not there to glorify you and yours. If anything, it makes you a target for ridicule or worse.

3 comments to Doomsday Preppers /Doomsday Bunkers

  • Matt

    I agree. We need to be more aware of how we are viewed. We’re not under the radar any more.

  • Anonymous

    I live in Brampton ontario i have a husband and 2 small boys. What can i do to help my children survive if i don`t have thousand of dollars to prep like others do?

    • L P

      The first step is to do your best in determining what might affect your family. Any scenario that does not require you to relocate will usually require that you have the basics remaining to you after the “trouble” occurs. Food, water and shelter (which provides heat and protection from the elements) are the basics. Begin by purchasing a little more of what you usually eat with each trip to the grocery store. Buy canned and dry goods that you eat while on sale. If you can’t store water in bulk, buy a good water filter such as a Berkey Light. Take a look at your Building Your Plan series for some discussion on how to go about rating the threats to your family and coming up with an action plan that you can afford.

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