Big Storm is Past, or is it??

. . . . I think it is mostly done for.

According to this article, northward oriented storms pose little threat. Southward, however, can be of the type to work us over fairly well. This article explains it clearly. Read it in its entirety.

“The orientation of the magnetic field in the CME is a big determining factor for how strong or weak the event is going to be,” Young said. “If it’s oriented more southward, which is opposite to Earth, then we expect a stronger storm, but it appears that this one was very much north oriented.”

“”The coronal mass ejection has a cloud of particles, but also embedded in that is a magnetic field structure,” said Rodney Viereck, director of NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Test. “As the CME passes over Earth, the magnetic field strength and direction in interplanetary space will change direction and change strength. If that magnetic field direction goes southward, there’s good connectivity, and energy in the CME gets translated very efficiently through the magnetosphere to Earth and we get a big storm.”

Right now, there are some signs that show the southward part of the magnetic field may be approaching, but it’s still too soon to tell, Viereck added.”

So, as the article points out in its opening, we’re doing okay, but there is a small chance that things may change. So, what to do? Me? I’m headed into the kitchen for a snack, and stretch and a good night!

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