A Little Update on the Flare

Check out this site for its graphs and definitions. Very informative once you get your head around it. What I took away from it today was the level of HF (HiFreq) radio interference that is probable, and the radiation danger on the ISS.


“Another CME, part of the recent R3 (Strong) Radio Blackout event at 0024 UTC March 7 (7:24 p.m. EST March 6) is forecast to pass ACE early morning UTC on March 8 (start of day EST March 8). Geomagnetic storm periods reaching the G3 (Strong) level are likely from that CME.

Finally, a Solar Radiation Storm is also in progress and levels are currently above the S3 (Strong) threshold. Geomagnetic A-index of 20 or greater predicted. Region 1429 remains potent and subsequent activity is certainly possible.”

From Brevard Times.

“In addition, last night’s flares have sent solar particles into Earth’s atmosphere, producing a moderate solar energetic particle event, also called a solar radiation storm. These particles have been detected by NASA’s SOHO and STEREO spacecraft, and NOAA’s GOES spacecraft. At the time of writing, this storm is rated an S3 on a scale that goes up to S5. Such storms can interfere with high frequency radio communication.”


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