Large X-Class Solar Flare - Resources and News

By now you’ve heard about the X5.4 CME headed our way.  If you are wondering what it might mean to us, it is this: We will see disruption of high frequency communications, possible satellite interference and soft resets, and the potential for portions of the power grid to shut down in self protection.

Of course, it could be worse.  :>

Here are some resources you can use to monitor this event, and other links for news. Some of these are official government sites, or information provided by them, such as NOAA, the Solar Dynamics Observatory, and NASA.

Solar Flare Resources

YouTube Video of the Recent X-Class Event


N3KL Solar Activity Monitor – Definitions

NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
Look at the drop down box options in “Current Space Weather Conditions”
NASA – Earth Observatory

“According to the joint NOAA and U.S. Air Force Space Weather Prediction Center, active region 1429 was still growing as it rotated across the Earth-facing side of the Sun as was likely to produce more flares this week.”

Goddard Space Flight Center – Solar Dynamics Observatory

Goddard Space Flight Center – Scientific Visualization Studio
Videos of Solar Events – subscription page

“Analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab estimate that the CME will reach Earth on March 8th at 0625 UT (+/- 7 hr), possibly triggering a strong-to-severe geomagnetic storm. An animated forecast track shows the progression of the fast-moving cloud. The flare also accelerated energetic protons toward Earth, triggering an S3-class solar radiation storm, in progress. Such a storm is mainly a nuisance to satellites, causing occasional reboots of onboard computers and adding noise to imaging systems. “

High Frequency Propagation and Solar-Terrestrial Data
Near real-time monitoring

March 7, 2012

“Incoming! The new WSA-Enlil Solar Wind Prediction is calling for an almost direct CME impact during the middle of tomorrow (March 8). The solar wind is expected to increase to over 800 km/s and Strong Geomagnetic Storming will be possible. This plasma cloud is the result of the X5.4 and X1.3 Solar Flare event very early this morning.”

Earth Sky – Animated Representation of the impact on major planets in the solar system

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