What Is Important to Some Preppers ...

… might seem silly to others.

I had the opportunity to see inside the mind of a prepper today. This guy has been removed from the scene due to some strange activities he conducted. Illegal activities. The kind that any sane person would run away from – quickly and quietly. Anyway, he left behind some storage units that went into arrears, and were auctioned-off. A family friend invited us over to take a peek and see what the guy had assembled.

Among the trash, household left overs and debris, he had collected a range of protective equipment such as NBC suits, gas masks, filters and other clothing. He was heavy on the protective, and non-existent on things like underwear, shoes or boots, water filtration, basic shelter (like a tarp, perhaps!!?), and long term storage foods. Maybe he had other storage units. Maybe he had these things in his vehicle. But if these were the case, why did he have such giant quantities of items that might have utility for chemical or fallout anti-dusting protection, yet squirreled away separate from things he should not expect to waste time rounding up?

It is intriguing to imagine what he was thinking, and to take the evidence and build some kind of working scenario around it. But in the end, I almost have to accept that this man was running on either his internal fears of the worst, or on the misguided advice of others – such advice as convinced him to build a plan around the remains of other people’s badly thought out answers to questions that never had a hope of being part of any real plan.

Now, he is in lock up, and his things are on their way elsewhere. Sad. Wasted money, effort and time, and because of some stupid actions, wasted freedom.

If there is a moral we can all take from his story, as we know it, it might be this: Count as a blessing, every thought and resource that pertains to your freedom and advancing condition in life. Don’t waste your sweat and energy on things that have no real place in a good plan. Be sure your actions in prepping have a real benefit attached to them. And as you advance your plan, knowing that others count on you, don’t get stupid and sent away because of it. It would have been better for him to put it all in the bank, and leave behind for family to use wisely.


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