Back from the Coast, & the MedCallOutfitter Kit

I was out West with the better half, recharging our batteries. We had a refreshing time walking the shores and experiencing that peace we find on the sands, watching the sun go down, and listening to the waves at night.

But now we’re back, and some work has lined up for us. This last week, we had the opportunity to examine the specialized MedCallOutfitter Kit™,  created by MedCallAssist™. This kit is more than a collection of First-Aid items in a fancy bag. It combines an excellent selection of medications and supplies with the invaluable aid of an on-call physician, available 24-7. With this system, in an environment where no doctor exists, you still have a doctor to assist you. We pulled it apart and studied the kit’s contents and suitability to its advertised usage. While we discovered a few things that we might change (we all have our personal preferences, right?), none of them were non-starters for us.

Overall, we were impressed with the kit for its utility, and the life-saving possibilities it offers to those with medical emergencies in the wilderness. It is a unique and comforting combination of supplies and on-call expertise. We were able to identify several applications for it usage in every prepper’s Survival Plan. Look for the MCOT review here, later this week.

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