Suturing, or Closing a Wound

This is an overview of Suturing. “Sewing” a wound closed is not simply sticking needles through skin and tying knots. Different methods apply to different wounds. What I want to do here is share some YouTube suturing videos with you, and illustrate the need for training not just in method, but also in application. If you are going to add this skill to your bag of tricks, do what you can to get some professional training. Viewing of these videos isn’t “training”, per se. It is an introduction to the concept. Knowing what stitch to use, and under what conditions, can be a risk-filled proposition. Screwing this up can cost the injured person in a big way.

  1. Simple Interrupted
  2. Subdermal Mattress
  3. Subdermal Interrupted
  4. Basic Technique – 1
  5. Basic Technique – 2
  6. Intestinal Resectioning
  7. Subcuticular – Live Human

There are a lot of videos on this subject, but not as many dealing with removal. I didn’t see any of those that I liked, but you can search for them on your own. Again, knowing how to remove them is important, but just as important is knowing when, and under what conditions.

Here is the Dept of Defense Emergency War Surgery manual, 2004. These topics and others are treated within it.



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