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The focus of this site and its predecessor rarely had anything to do with firearms discussions until recently. While they are a facet of preparedness, they are a topic we tended to leave to other sites. I was reviewing some of the requests made, and decided to put up a page on that subject. It’s in the menu bar above.

You won’t find earth shaking information there. You won’t find the answer to the most important (heh, yeah… sure) question people ask, “Which gun is best for survival?” What you will find are the thoughts of a few within my circle, and my own. We all agree, of course.  🙂   Actually, we agree that there are methods for determining what might work and what won’t, based on individual needs and abilities.  Philosophy, Fit and Funds. Get those three settled, and you can feel good about your choices. Give it a read, and see if it makes sense to you.

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