"Mall Cop" - What Can We Learn?

Ever see the movie “Mall Cop”?

The star was overweight, subject to black outs from hypoglycemia, to serious about his job, and a loser with the girls….

BUT – he could climb walls, run the tire course, recover with some sugar candy, save the day and get the girl.

What can we learn from this? The producer has some reality issues! He can also turn a cliche into a movie and make a few million bucks.

Actually, there are a few points to be observed. The first is that fitness is important. While we probably won’t see ourselves in a hostage crisis, it’s true that we are able to perform at our best if we get into, and stay in shape. Balt’s “shape” enabled him to squish some people and break a few things. In reality, he wouldn’t have done so well with those extra pounds hanging around.

Second, physical restrictions, such as hypoglycemia, diabetes, hypertension, hemophilia, etc., require advanced planning for treatment and management. Conditions like these are vulnerabilities that we can’t afford to leave mismanaged. Medications and supplements to minimize these vulnerabilities need to be a part of our plan, which may include having someone available to assist us.

Third, our mindsets have to mirror reality. Our makeup and abilities should be realistically evaluated.

  • How does pressure affect our thinking and reactions?
  • Does pride have too much real estate within our skulls?
  • Do we down play our talents and skills?
  • Are we lazy?
  • Are we too busy pleasing others to improve ourselves?
  • Do our weaknesses show, and leave us vulnerable to manipulation?
  • Can we keep secrets about ourselves and about others?

Fourth, we need to determine what is bigger than ourselves.
Will we allow ourselves to do the unimaginable… such as risking our lives for something righteous, other-centered, or ideological?
Will we fail at the last minute, to help someone, because our own skins are too important?
Can we plan to lose, so others may win?
Can we admit to something bigger than ourselves?

There really isn’t a wealth of plan material to develop here. Perhaps some reflection and consideration. “Mall Cop” is not “deep” entertainment. But even with it’s light fun, predictable plot and dialogue, it provides us with the above. Maybe the best to be siphoned from it is a few reality checks. I’ll make some adjustments to my physical conditioning plans. I’ll review my medical preps. On the whole, Three and Four, to me, are more important then One and Two. But to get to the last two, we need the first two. I suppose the “plan” is to integrate and coordinate all of them.

Nothing happens in the natural that isn’t first in the mental, regarding preparedness. Prepping is a state of mind, and the states of our minds (and attitudes) will be the first roadblocks, or impediments, to success.

“We have met the enemy, and he is us.”
I’ve seen that quote used in spoofs and silly leftest pubs, but it in the world of planning, it is true often enough.

Are we our own worst enemy?

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