"Special Operations" - the Show

Yes….. “Spec Ops”.  I followed a link to a you tube video that promised some fun and a measure of education.  After watching a few episodes (4 parts each), I can to accept that yes, there are some things to be learned from the show, “Special Ops Mission”.

Do a search once at Youtube.  “special ops mission” episode    <===<<< just like that, with quotes and all. As you type it out, you’ll see links to individual episodes before hitting enter. Select and ENTER.

The Show
It has the usual drama factors such as the music, useless computer enhancements and screen shots. (Some CGI is pretty good. More on that below). The scenarios are a little contrived in that the OpFor’s (Opposing Force) planning is pretty horrible is some aspects.  The layouts can be rather “unique” and the underlying reasons for the bad guys’ setup can suffer from lack of continuity. Still, the difficulties presented by bad planning and some unexpected problems tossed in, just for flavor, force the operators to make decisions.  We’re invited to think about how we might to better.

There are some gems salted throughout. For those of you without training in such things, you’ll see a variety of setups and engagements, enhanced with a god’s eye view via computer graphics. Just when first person camera shots begin to fray the senses, you get a does of situational awareness via computer.  Airsoft and paintball guys will see weapons usage from the next step up, Simunitions. They use real weapons firing these simulated munitions. They fly, they hit and they HURT. No one really wants to get tagged, for bragging purposes, but also because the right hit can hurt the wrong way.

All in all, the show does get into some specific situations that are interesting to see play out. I spent some time thinking about how I might have done things differently. To each his own. We’re supposed to root for the good guy, I guess, but that doesn’t stop me from looking at the tac situation from the BG’s point of view. I critique everything. It’s informative. It’s fun.

……….and it’s a good way to get mentally inert group members to start thinking. Consider this a TOOL subject to creative application. Whatever you consider to be a worthwhile gem, grab it and keep it, and don’t let anyone ridicule you into not doing so.

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