Lost Deals

I lost a Magic Mill. Yup. Not just the “run-o-the-mill” Magic Mill, but one of the first generation wooden case mills. This one had a 1hp motor, not the standard 3/4 horse. I didn’t know what I was looking at when I saw it in the Hope Chest.  $45.  A DEAL. Electric OR hand crank, with stones, instead of steel plates. If I had an internet connection with me, I would have found out just what it was in about 15 minutes and bought it.


So, here’s the point of this post. A lot of you DO have an i-net connection on your smart phones. Good deals are out there in the thrift stores such as Salvation Army, Goodwill Stores and The Hope Chest. It would be wise to follow your gut on certain leadings and check out the value of a thingabob. Along with the Wonder Mill, I also lost a vintage typewriter that was for sale at about $150 below E-Bay prices. I can’t remember what else, but they were out there.

Until I DO get such a connection, I’ll go with my gut anyway. I picked up a set of desert camo winter parka with hood for $50. Internet price? Oh, about $150. Made a great present to a guy that has made good use of it. The deals are out there. Tool up and get looking. If not for your own use, then at least for resale. The Lord knows we need to secure our income these days….

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