Prep Test - Generator

Pulled out the Champion 4500W genny today, and did a test run. Started on the 2nd pull, once the choke was set right. I let her run for 15 minutes, and flipped the kill switch. I ran it outside of the garage, with the exhaust aimed at the drive.

>>> Never run a generator in an enclosed space. <<<

I don’t drain the lines or the tank when I store it. It gets a test every 2 months, sometimes more often, so I am not concerned about fuel gum developing in the carburetor or lines. I do refresh the fuel in the tank, though.

The Champion 4500W is rated for RV park use, but in my opinion, it is a bit on the loud side. I have a few ideas on how to construct an enclosure for it, but any claims to effectiveness will have to wait until it is actually built. That will be a picture project!


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