Go Take a Walk - Neighborhood RECON

Take a walk. Seriously. Go out and take a walk. Get out of your house, go into your neighborhood and walk. Aside from the exercise, it’ll give you a chance to do two other things.

The first is to study your neighbors’ places, (and your neighbors), while on a leisurely stroll. Look at their places. Check out their cars. Try to notice things that you gloss over these days due to familiarity. Look for unkempt lawns, trash in the side yards, vehicles falling into disrepair, and damage to their homes. Listen for arguments. Keep in mind that things can go south for others even if they are good for you. Watch for things that might indicate unease, because these can be seed of warning for dangerous conditions later.

The second is to look at your place as you approach it from different directions. How does it look? Are you one that fits in, without being a derelict? Does your place reek of wealth and good times? Can you pass as any one of your neighbors without looking trashed or near desertion?

Study your place and look for weaknesses that could be exploited later. If you’re a lady-type, or if you don’t believe you can make an informed inspection, get help. Look for weak entry points for burglars, thieves and home invaders. Think about how to break into your place when you get home. Do a walk around. Check out access from the other side of the back fence.

If you are not a suburbanite, visit the homesteads of nearby neighbors. Do must of the same thing. Understand that people and people, and will do much the same thing when pressed. Sheep. Country sheep and city sheep all need to eat.

What I’m suggesting is that you get a good feel for your area and your home… and then do something about whatever weaknesses you find. If you can’t do all you’d prefer to, do what you can, because many times a little is better than nothing. The element will take the easiest route, in most cases. Concentrate on that, first. The smarter breed of criminal will make an investment in time and energy to increase his likelihood of success. When you are ready to do more, you’ll want to try and think like him.

Besides, you probably need the exercise…., right?   😉

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